14 - April 4th, 2015, 8:01 pm
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OMG [Posted by CanonLove on April 4th, 2015, 11:19 pm]

LOVED IT!!!! Am so relieved to see that the other one wasn't the ending :')
Amazing story and I love your drawing style! c:


[Posted by witchknox on April 5th, 2015, 1:44 am]

(Sigh) I liked how this one turned out. The fake ending was a nice twist. This ending was more satisfactory, the other was just a bit too... jarring? Love the kids names too. ;)


[Posted by crossstitch on April 6th, 2015, 6:18 pm]

I'm not crying you're crying


[Posted by Sariveliz (Guest) on April 8th, 2015, 2:16 am]

The tears are stinging my eyes.. I loved it so much.


[Posted by xYorutenshi on April 11th, 2015, 1:42 pm]

That ripped my heart out then put a bandaid on it- LOVED IT


[Posted by totter on May 19th, 2015, 11:04 am]

omg i LOVED bonny


[Posted by ta-bae-sugi on August 19th, 2015, 10:50 pm]

this? ...nah, just allergies~
I.I..I'm f-fine.. yeah T-T

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